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Clients' Testimonials

Working in the finance industry demands my employees and I travel a lot between NY & Singapore. With "Buy Miles Now" we are able to do so in comfort. They make it an easy process for us to regularly buy our miles from them so we can upgrade from Coach to Business Class, all at a great rate. Our trips are a lot more pleasant now thanks to Buy Miles Now.

Raj Nanjiani

After having a few bad experiences on recent flights, I decided it was time to upgrade. Since I didn’t have nearly enough points I did a little research and found BuyMilesNow.Com. After speaking to a friendly customer service rep I decided to pull the trigger. I had an exceptionally good experience with them. This was my first transaction with the company and I intend to use them again in my future travels. Best of all, I had an uneventful flight!

Josh Grittner

Designing my line of clothing requires I fly frequently. This was my second purchase and I never had a problem. Also the pricing is amazing in comparison to airline rates, and even other mileage brokers. I’m heading to the Philippines tomorrow for a two-week trip, and thanks to Buy Miles Now can now fly First Class for nearly the same price as Coach.

Nancy James
United Kingdom

Before using "Buy Miles Now" I was a little nervous. But I was convinced to upgrade to Business Class by buying miles, which I never knew was possible. It turned out better than expected, and was very cost-effective. I am purchasing all my miles from here from now on. Highly recommend!

Sean Ross
Los Angeles

As a first time buyer, I was impressed with BuyMilesNow.Com. Received great value when promised and at a fraction of the price of other mileage brokers. Great price and extremely fast service. Great company to deal with, I would absolutely use them again.

Pri Demir

Constantly booking last-minute flights in a hurry, I was concerned about the turnaround time on the miles I ordered. But I was pleasantly surprised when shortly after my purchase I logged into my account on the way to Heathrow airport and noticed the mileage was already transferred. I was not expecting it to be processed so soon. That’s customer service!

Ron Thompson

I have used Buy Miles Now several times now, and they will always be my first choice when flying. My job as consultant requires I travel a lot, and so I used to research many discount luxury travel services before booking a flight. No more. Now I go directly to BuyMilesNow, where I know I am getting the best deal. Plus, if there is ever a problem I know they are just a phone call away. Thank you BuyMilesNow.

Ali Kim